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Welcome to the fun loving home of Vinton Valley™ Australian Labradoodle Breeders, located in sunny Florida, outside Ocala, on 5 acres across from the Goethe Forest. These genuine multi-generational Australian Labradoodles spend their time playing with endurance Arabians, and Abyssinians.

The Australian Labradoodle is the best breed of dog for any family, couple or single that wishes to have an addition to their home. Labradoodles have the best characteristics we all want combined into one! They are supremely intelligent, easy to train, athletic and fun, loyal and loving companions, so eager to please, and asthma/allergy friendly, with no to low shedding. 

Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles display the finest temperament with a consistency you will only find in multi-generational bloodlines. We are an Australian Labradoodle breeder with home raised puppies. Our sires and dams are raised in our residence or in local area guardian homes. 

Our dogs have free access to the house or yard, as they please.  They are very well socialized with people and various animals.  They are beautiful and stunning examples of a fleece coat (Azula), and a wool coat (Jeter).  Their size is in the absolute perfect range for a house dog – not too big, and not too small! Our number one priority is temperament.  

This is a consistent accomplishment from Vinton Valley Labradoodle Breeders, because of the quality multi-generational breeding. Our Australian Labradoodles are already known for having great personalities. Next, we breed for superior coats for low to no shed, followed by color and size. Many generations of breeding since the mid-1980's provides the consistent qualities which are so highly desired in this breed, which was originally established to provide an allergy friendly, low-odor, supremely intelligent service animal for the handicapped in Australia.

Enjoy knowing that your genuine Australian Labradoodle is of the finest breeding and retains consistent breed characteristics and temperament. Ask about Labradoodle puppies for sale and learn about current and future litters. We can provide shipping to any destination after family placement considerations!
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